[Upcoming Event] International Seminar on the Belt and Road Initiative and 2030 SDGs in Education & Launch of NORRAG News in Chinese (NNC), Issue 54
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Date: May 7, 2017

Venue: Information Center, Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province

After the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Agenda developed and finalized in 2015, the global development governance system has stepped into a new stage. The whole world looks expectantly at China in terms of its implementation of this agenda. As a large developing country, China needs to take an active part in the construction of new global development governance system. The implementation of 2030 Agenda includes development strategy based on local context, combination of SDGs into local development strategy, and construction of new global development partnership. As the wide-ranging opening up strategy proposed by Chinese government in the new era, the Belt and Road (B&R) Initiative has got a good start and stepped into all over promotion stage. The B&R Initiative shared its idea and goals with 2030 Agenda, which means they can provide chance and platform for each other. From making to implementation, 2030 Agenda always take much count of participation from the South. Similarly, the B&R Initiative is not only a sustainable development blueprint for China, but also an action plan for south-south cooperation. Along the B&R, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia, East Africa, North Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, most of the members are developing countries. Based on co-construction and sharing, the B&R Initiative will actively improve the implementation of SDGs in countries along the line.

Education is the foundation and has priority in the implementation of B&R Initiative and SDGs. In order to improve the alignment between 2030 Agenda and the B&R Initiative and push forward the regional education opening up and exchange, the College of Teacher Education and the Institute of International and Comparative Education in Zhejiang Normal University plan to hold the seminar on the theme of “the Belt and Road Initiative and 2030 SDGs in Education”. At that time, we will hold the launch event of NORRAG News in Chinese (NNC), issue 54 jointly with NORRAG (Network for International Policies and Cooperation in Education and Training).

The seminar is scheduled on May 7th in Zhejiang Normal University.

Three sub-themes will be discussed in this seminar:

1. Education Action in the Belt and Road Initiative

2. 2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals in Education

3. South-South Cooperation in Education

We plan to invite leaders of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, Ministry of Education of Ethiopia, Department of HR, Science and Technology of African Union and other experts and researchers at home and abroad. 17 of them come from Britain, Switzerland, Hong Kong, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.

We sincerely invite you to attend the seminar and contribute to the discussion of the seminar. We will regard it as an honor if you could attend the seminar. Please provide your full paper or presentation slides before April 20th.

We will post the seminar agenda later. Thank you for your support and participation.

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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