Master on Comparative Education Program (2015-2017)
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Master on Comparative Education Program (2015-2017)

Zhejiang Normal University (ZJNU)

Part I - Program Description

Zhejiang Normal University (ZJNU), founded in 1956, is a key provincial university in China with distinguished programs in Education and African Studies.

From 2015 spring semester, ZJNU had initiated a two-year Master on Comparative Education Program, approved by the Ministry of Education, the People’s Republic of China. This program is financially supported by the Chinese government. Its mission is to provide academic and professional training in comparative education, to pursue academic excellence as well as the practical application of education policy and innovative education research. The program is specially designed for participants from Africa, Asia and other developing countries and shared interest in improved equity and quality in education for all, vitally important to sustainable national development.  

Part II- Program Objectives

1.Students will accumulate basic knowledge about international education development, comparative education research, education policy analysis and African education research, develop problem identifying and problem solving capacity, master the elementary method and procedure of scientific research;

2. Students will understand the current situation and focused issues in education research, which will help them to get their own research interests and focus;

3. Students will have opportunity to practice the knowledge and skills. They will learn how to conduct education research independently.

Part III- Program Duration

Students are required to finish the full time course-work, thesis writing and thesis defense by the end of the academic year. Students are expected to complete the program within 2 years from Sept.2015 to Aug. 2017. For confirmed date, please refer to the admission letter.  

Part IV Program Mode/Structure

1. Curriculum: It’s mainly about lectures or presentations, with a mix of seminars, group discussions, tutorials, case studies and so on.  

2. Educational Practice: Students will start a half-year educational practice in the 3rd semester, such as education internship, education investigation or education survey.  

3. Graduation Thesis: Students are required to finish a graduation thesis in English up to the master standard. Graduation thesis should be submitted and defended in the middle of the 4th semester.

Part V - Program Courses

Note: If there are fewer than six students, a course will not be delivered. Students need to revise the choice.

Part VI- Graduation and Degree Requirements

1.Credit: No less than 33 credits are required, including 4 general courses(7 credits), 5 core courses (13 credits), 2 compulsory items (8 credits), and no less than 5 credits for optional courses. 1 credit equals 18 class hours.

2. Graduation Thesis: Students should select a topic for the thesis under the direction of his/here supervisor, usually in the 2nd semester. The thesis should be written in English, at least 20 thousand words. The thesis should be submitted for oral defense in the middle of the 4th semester.

3. Certificate: Students completing the credits, graduation thesis and oral defense will be awarded a master degree by the academic degree evaluation committee in the university.

Part VII- Invited Countries and Requirements for the Participants

1. Education officials and managers from Asia, Africa and other developing countries, uuniversity graduates and staff members engaged in education could be considered. Education officials at the central or provincial level government and leaders in schools have priority in admission.

2. With recognized bachelor degree; Under the age of 45; High English proficiency.

3. Be in good health with health certificate issued by the local public hospitals; without diseases with which entry to China is disallowed by China’s laws and regulations; without severe chronic diseases such as serious high blood pressure, cardiovascular/cerebra vascular diseases and diabetes; without metal diseases or epidemic diseases that are likely to cause serious threat to public health; not in the process of recovering after a major operation or in the process of acute diseases; not seriously disabled or pregnant.

4. Accompany (e.g. spouse, children, friends, etc.) are not allowed during the stay in China.

Part VIII-Application

Acquire recommendation from your current organization to the Economic and Commercial Counselor Office, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in your own country and get approved. Submit the following application materials to the Economic and Commercial Counselor Office.  

1. Application form (in English) with 2-inch recent photo, signed by the applicant

2. A formal certificate of your highest degree (original or notarized photocopy)

3. Academic transcript of your highest degree education (original or notarized photocopy)

4. Personal statement

5. Two letters of recommendation (original in English or Chinese)

6. One photocopy of your passport (personal and ordinary passport)

7. Photocopies of English language proficiency test results (For non-native English speakers or applicants whose instruction media of tertiary education is not English, evidence of English proficiency must be demonstrated by a passing TOEFL or IELTS score. A GRE score is desirable but not required.)

8. Foreigner Physical Examination Form.

At the same time,the scanning/electronic version should be submitted to the Program Office for Foreign Aid Training, Zhejiang Normal University. (E-mail:;; Fax: +86-579-82298819).  

Note: The above application materials will be not be returned whether the applicant is accepted or not. All hard copies of application materials are required to submit upon registration.   

Part IX-Application Deadline

Deadline of Application Materials                       Aug 10th, 2015

Admission Notice                            Middle or late Aug, 2015

Part X-Qualification Examination and Admission

According to the requirement, Zhejiang Normal University will go through the qualification examination and choose applicants who are best qualified. The results will be published around Aug 15th, 2015.

Part XI-Registration Period

The registration period will start from Sept 1st, 2015. For confirmed date, please refer to the admission letter.

Part XII-Contact Information

Program Office for Foreign Aid Training, Zhejiang Normal University

Address: 688 Yingbin Avenue, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China   

Post Code: 321004

Tel: +86-579-82298819/82298817/82283132

Fax: +86-579-82298819


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